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Spa Life

Have a Soulful Fall!

Summer is quickly drawing to a close. There is a distinct crispness in the air and golden leaves are beginning to fall from the trees, settling on the ground. The air has that once forgotten but acceptable chill to it and a different view to the landscape can be seen. Even the sun, while it still shines bright, adorns a different expression. The time for transitioning to a warming, nourishing self-care routine for the mind, body and soul is now upon us. Being the typical beach baby that I am, I already mourn the loss of the long summer nights, preferring to hibernate under my 15tog duvet and electric blanket turned up full until the dawn chorus and daffodils indicate that spring has again returned. But, just as with lockdown, I will knuckle-down and ‘get on with it’ until then. So, exactly how (if you’re anything like me) do you do just that?

Spa Life

Mascne? We’ve Got Your Face Covered!

Have you noticed an uptick in weird bumps under your skin lately, or unsightly, reddish, nasty-looking blemishes in the areas of your face that your mask covers? Don’t worry! You haven’t all of a sudden slipped into a Back to the Future time warp or ended up in a scene in The Secret Diary of Adrian Mole, although some of us might appreciate going back in time a few years. It doesn’t matter if you’re someone who regularly gets breakouts or if you normally have nearly perfect skin, #mascne, #maskne (sorry about the hashtags but I’m trying to remain ‘with it’), or mask acne as it is more formally known, is an unfortunate side effect of the daily mask-wearing we’re all doing right now to slow, in our true British style, the transmission of COVID-19. But, how? And what can we do to get rid?