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Dear Valued Customer,

The last few months have proved to be trying times for all of us. We sincerely hope that each and every one of you has managed to keep safe and have not been affected by COVID-19.  We are very much looking forward to welcoming you back to Spa Persona. Please be assured that the health, safety and wellbeing of our guests and staff is our priority. Therefore, we kindly ask you to take careful note of the following advice and information:


  • All our staff have undergone specific COVID-19 training to ensure they fully understand the virus.  In line with this training, we have introduced new safety protocols to minimise any risk of spread and to ensure your visit remains a pleasurable one.
  • FACE COVERINGS in the workplace are advised as mandatory as per UK and Scottish Government guidelines.  We encourage our staff to wear a face covering while on site and during their working shift,  however, please be mindful that there are hidden vulnerabilities and medical exemptions that exist in relation to these apply to both workers as well as visitors and there may be cases where this will be permitted and, therefore, visible.  Additionally, delivering certain treatments and therapies can be quite demanding on our therapists and our treatment rooms can get hot.  Expert advice tells us that face coverings (masks in particular) increase temperature and CO2 levels and can restrict breathing and the intake of O2.  We kindly ask you to be considerate to our staff should the absence of face coverings/masks be present or removal of any be required/take place.
  • PPE EQUIPMENT will be used where and when we think necessary.  As a business that promotes environmental friendliness, we maintain our duty to protect the health of the planet and have taken sensible steps to continue to reduce our impact on it especially with the use of plastics and other non-recyclable/non-biodegradable waste products and materials.  We do not offer services that require the necessity to wear PPE.
  • All our staff will carry out appropriate and frequent hand-washing and sanitisation, maintaining social distancing too, wherever possible.  They (each staff member), themselves, will be presented well, wearing clean uniforms etc and exemplified in their individual personal hygiene standards while at work.
  • A thorough cleaning, disinfection and sterilisation of our spa premises using compliant, non-hazardous chemical products that are effective against bacteria and infection but safe and kind to the environment and you and our staff has been carried out during lockdown.  This includes all equipment, furniture, fixtures and fittings.  This procedure is not dissimilar to our usual quality checks and is maintained to its usual high standard by our staff members at all times especially in between appointment times where longer turnover periods has been allocated to accommodate.


  • All spa areas have undergone increased scrupulous cleaning with particular attention paid to all touch points.  This process is maintained throughout each day prior to and following appointments and at the end of the working day.  To assist with this process and continue to support the reduction of viral spread, please DO NOT touch items unnecessarily. 
  • SOCIAL DISTANCING is expected while you are on site.  A MAXIMUM of 2 people from the same household only is permitted in the spa at any one time.  Moving around the spa is restricted and this expectation must be adhered to.  Your therapist or greeting staff member will instruct further on this at your arrival and guide you necessarily during your visit to further contain any risk of spread.
  • REFRESHMENTS are minimised and all magazines/paper literature etc have been removed.  We regret we cannot permit you to bring your own reading material (including digital devices), food or drinks.  Water will, however, be provided at the end of your treatment and a copy of our spa treatment brochure is available upon request or you can view the full range of our offerings digitally via our website.
  • TOILETS are not available in the spa.  Please ensure you use the bathroom prior to entering the spa and wash your hands accordingly.  We regret that, once inside the spa, you must remain so until the end of your scheduled visit or in the instance of emergency evacuation.  Once departed, re-entry is not permitted.
  • The spa door will be locked following your arrival and until the end of your visit to further deter the risk of contamination.
  • All guests/visitors to the spa are expected to use the safe hand sanitiser provided and located around the spa while on site.
  • The laundering of our towels/bed linen etc is outsourced by a reputable professional company.  The appropriate changeover measures are taken by our staff in between treatment times to help minimise any risk of viral spread where this is necessary.  To reduce the environmental impact and maintain spread control, we regret, robes and slippers will not be provided.


  • Due to the impacts of COVID-19 and those on-going, Spa Persona is operating on a skeleton staff basis.  Our reception will not always be manned and with the restrictions in place we will not be able to consider ‘walk-ins’.  You can easily arrange your appointment using our online booking service found via our website, call 01360 660208 or email  Your patience is appreciated when calling or emailing as response times may take longer than our usual operations pre-COVID-19. 
  • ALL booking requests must be secured with an immediate, non-refundable safety deposit.  We regret, we cannot consider requests without this or hold any provisionally.
  • Due to some of the guidelines enforced, some treatments or services may not be available.  We apologise on behalf of the UK and Scottish Government for any inconvenience this may cause and thank you for your understanding.


  • You can easily pay for your visit safely using a valid credit/debit card when booking online.  We can also process payment over the telephone, in-store or by emailed invoice.  Please note that outstanding balances must be settled in full BEFORE you depart the spa.  Cash is also accepted. 
  • When paying in cash please ensure you have the correct amount as NO CHANGE WILL BE GIVEN due to advised COVID-19  implications.  When using Spa Persona e-vouchers/gift certificates, these must be valid and codes redeemed at the time your booking is made. 
  • THIRD PARTY VOUCHER requests will NOT be secured WITHOUT provision of required redemption codes and only valid vouchers within their expiration will be redeemed immediately at the time of your request.  Once arranged, your appointment CANNOT be moved.


  • Please bring with you a signed, completed downloadable VISITOR CONSULTATION FORM.
  • Please arrive ALONE and NO MORE or less than 15 minutes prior to your allocated appointment time.  This is to ensure social distancing measures are complied with and for you to complete our  (downloadable) VISITOR CONSULTATION FORM and understand any additional information our greeting member of staff will advise.  Lateness will result in your treatment being cut accordingly and/or entry refused with no refund or reschedule offered.  Payment of any outstanding balance will also be processed during this time.
  • Please ‘travel light’ i.e. keep the wearing of jewellery and clothing to an absolute minimum and the carrying of accessories to a essential only.  Please DO NOT bring with you any items that are not of priority use or irrelevant to your spa visit. 
  • If experiencing one of our facials, please DO NOT wear too much or heavy makeup.  Please ensure gel polish or normal polish is removed prior to a manicure or pedicure treatment unless removal of such is scheduled.
  • Please DO NOT bring anyone with you who does not have an appointment scheduled with us as they will not be permitted inside the spa.  Unless acting as the consenting parent/guardian of a young person booked for a treatment or are a support person the same applies.  Children are not permitted inside the spa unless they are a guest with a scheduled appointment.


  • Whereas, we appreciate that some of you will consider the use of these items to help fight the spread of COVID-19, we respectfully advise that you DO NOT wear any when arriving at the spa, unless new and NOT worn for longer than a few minutes and in multiple venues prior.  These are protective items designed for the reduction or avoidance of cross-contamination only in a medical or aesthetic situation, effective only for short periods when combined with other hygiene measures, and also come with their own hygiene protocols.  As perfect environments for and carry bacteria, they are not effective when used in longer than advised periods or when moving from one vicinity to another where contamination of any sort consequently occurs. 
  • Should you arrive wearing any of these items NOT provided by the spa and outwith our policy we will kindly ask you to dispose of them BEFORE entering.  Please see World Health Organisation (WHO) and FDA for more information on masks and face coverings should you be in any doubt.
  • Should you wish to wear a face covering, mask or gloves inside any of our venues we are happy to provide you.  Please note we do not enforce the wearing of these items and respect your right and choice not to. 
  • Please respect individuality and the differing opinions of all our guests when visiting our spa.  We will not challenge anyone’s decisions on face coverings and we expect the same respect of all our guests.  Any visitor seen/heard or reported to be challenging another individual or behaving in a way considered inappropriate and/or upsetting or threatening will be asked to leave/removed from the spa without delay.


  • We appreciate the concern of your private personal data in respect of track and trace.  PLEASE BE ASSURED we remain bound by GDPR laws and are required in any case outwith COVID-19 to collect and store securely the data requested when completing our health questionnaire and that asked for when assisting the arrangement of your appointment request.  This data is stored as required by GDPR only and is not nor will be used for any purpose other than that relevant to the services we provide and WILL NOT be shared with any third party unless your expressed permission has been given or in any circumstance where a first aid responder is required to attend you in a medical emergency.


As with any sickness, our usual policies and procedures apply, although, there are some (few) additions.

  • AT LEAST 48 hours notice is required to alter, reschedule or cancel your appointment.  We appreciate that some things happen unexpectedly and require less notice, in which case, considerations will be made at management discretion.  Failure to provide appropriate notice will result in your appointment being lost and no refund or reschedule offered.
  • Should you arrive displaying a high temperature, appear unwell or show any signs relative/similar to COVID-19, flu or other contagion we will refuse entry.  We regret, we will not be able to refund or reschedule in this case.

We expect all our visitors to be responsible for their own good health and use common sense.  

Should you not be agreeable to any of the points detailed in this policy, are concerned about the spread of COVID-19 in any way, consider yourself to be carrying the virus or are concerned of mixing with others you think may be carrying the virus or are fearful of ‘catching’ the virus, we strongly advise you DO NOT seek our services or visit the spa.

Due to the ever-changing nature of the situation and guidance given, our policy may change without notice.

If you have any queries or with to discuss further our COVID-19 information please contact a member of our team on 01360 660208 or email  We look forward to your visit.

Best Wishes, 

The Spa Persona Team.