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At Spa Persona, we specialise in treatments for those living with and beyond cancer so no one gets left out.  The gentle touch of our skilled therapists’ hands brings about harmony, promotes wellbeing and melts away stress from the body, leaving you feeling deeply relaxed, enabling you to find peace, feel pampered and ‘normal’ once again even for a while.

loch lomond spa massage


Not all of our treatments are suitable for you, though.  That is why we have carefully selected a few that we recommend and consider to be the best options for you during your visit to us which includes a free consultation unique to your concerns.  This should also be arranged when booking especially if visiting us for the first time.

Spa Persona massage for cancer

Choose from:

Hydrotherm™ Experience Massage (Hydrotherm Tranquil Sea), Aromasense Massage (Aromatherapy), Reflexology, Reiki, Ear Candling, Spa Persona ™ Organic Facial, Jennifer Young™ Oncology Massage, Jennifer Young™ Specialist Facial (coming soon), Jennifer Young™ Specialist Manicure (coming soon), Jennifer Young™ Specialist Pedicure (coming soon)


We support our oncology treatments using only organic formulas that are 100% natural and have been designed to help address some of the skin and nail related side effects which regularly occur when undergoing treatment for cancer.

Spa Persona is proud to affiliate with the following organisations.  Our therapists are properly trained, qualified and insured to deliver safely specific treatments suited to our visitors who may be suffering from and surviving cancer.  They are also accredited to recognise and detect the early signs or melanoma and skin cancer.